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The HeartSafe Foundation has a Board of Directors and is a non-profit 501c3 organization. The original members of HeartSafe Foundation have a solid history of providing medical oversight for Public and Private Access Defibrillator (PAD) Programs. In 2016, our members joined forces in an effort to develop a common rating system for HeartSafe Programs throughout the globe. The goal of the HEARTSAFE FOUNDATION common rating system (1- 5 hearts is assigned after review of a completed application is submitted) is to ensure PAD Programs provide long-term maintenance and remain compliant with necessary PAD program requirements.

Historically, HeartSafe programs have been designated and managed at the state level through the Department of Public Health or a similar state agency. Only individual communities in each state can then obtain HeartSafe designation through this central office. Many states do not have HeartSafe designation programs established and very few enforce or require regular review of the health of the PAD program. Historically, HeartSafe program designations have not been apple-to-apple and rarely have a long term review process in mind upon original certification or designation.

Until The HeartSafe Foundation was established, there was no other oversight or designation entity that established a COMMON RATING SYSTEM for HeartSafe Programs which ensured long term maintenance and compliance in PAD programs. Going forward, The HeartSafe Foundation is not only ensuring proper review and maintenance of HeartSafe programs but we are providing the tools and know-how to help any entity become HeartSafe and stay HeartSafe.